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Fashion Nails


We are a committed group of creative individuals with mutual respect for quality of service & teamwork.

Mission Statement


Your health & comfort are our priorities at Fashion Nails.

How do we protect you & our staff?

We use disposable pedicure tub liners, buffers, nail files, and toe separators. Our sugar rubs are placed
in single-use disposable bowls to prevent "double dipping."   Our callus remover blades are single use and are disposed into a bio-hazard container. Our metal instruments are placed into an ultrasonic device to shake off all debris (this also prevents injuries to our staff from manually brushing them).  We have a dental/medical grade autoclave to sterilize our metal instruments.  Each load that goes through our sterilizer will have a monitoring indicator strip; the indicator strip will change colour to let us know a successful sterilization cycle was completed.


We use the same care for our waxing services. We use disposable wooden spatulas and never re-dip to

prevent cross-contamination.


Our towels are changed between every client and laundered with bleach.


We are going above and beyond to protect you and our nail technicians. We will not compromise the

health and safety of our clients and technicians!

Because we provide the highest level of cleanliness, you can relax and enjoy our services with a peace of


Come visit us at Fashion Nails and let our talented nail technicians take care of you!

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